Studio Backgrounds / Backdrop Supports Explained


With so many different Backgrounds / Backdrops, so many different requirements and so many different products available in the current market it can be confusing trying to work out what goes with what.


Studio Background / Backdrop supports come in two main varieties - Fixed and Portable.



Wall Mounted System in place at karlu studio

As the name implies this supports Paper and Vinyl Rolls vertically to a wall.  Not suitable for curtains as they will crinkle in the middle.  They can be electric remote controlled, chain driven or crank handle driven.

Manufacturers include Interfit, KARLite & Manfrotto.

The components and variations will be covered in more detail further down in this document or "click" here.
  Celing Colorama Rolleasy In this case, background / Backdrop Paper / Vinyl Rolls are supported from the ceiling.  They can be electric remote controlled or crank handle driven.

Manufacturers include Colorama & KARLite.

They are covered in more detail further down in this document or "click" here.
Semi-Fixed   This Background/backdrop Support System is based around Autopoles (vertical Studio Stands that are "squeezed" between the ceiling and the floor) and can be modified to accept a Paper Roll Support System (shown) or to accommodate a Background Support Cross Pole for Paper or Curtains.
They are covered in more detail further down in this document or "click" here
PORTABLE   Portable Background Supports for Studio Backgrounds / Backdrops come in four main sizes (upto 2.6m wide, Up to 3m wide, up to 4m wide and up to 6m wide - medium/standard/wide and super wide, ) with various heights.  They are suitable for supporting Paper/Vinyl/canvas Rolls as well as curtians.

The components and variations will be covered in more detail further down in this document or "click" here.

We will now look at each variation of a Studio Background / Backdrop Support in more detail and explore the components of each support and where possible, when these components can be purchased separately to complement your existing equipment or to create a totally bespoke Background / Backdrop Support.



Wall Mounted Background/backdrop Supports Wall Mounted System in place at karlu studio Wall mounted Background / Backdrop supports are only used for the support of Background/Backdrop Paper, Canvas & Vinyl Rolls.  Muslin curtains cannot be used as they tend to "crinkle" in the middle.  They can be manual chain driven or remotely controlled electrically driven.  Available from Manufacturers like KARLite & Manfrotto, the system comprises:
 Wall Mounted Hook able to hold 1, 3, 4 or 6 Background/Backdrop Paper/Vinyl Rolls
Wall Mounted Background Paper Roll Hooks

A Roll holder that fits into the Paper / Vinyl Background / Backdrop Roll.  Please note that standard rolls have a 50mm tube diameter for these to fit into - there are currently some rolls on the market with 40mm internal diameters, these can ONLY be used with Portable or Ceiling Mounted Background Support Systems.  Karlu only sells 50mm diameter rolls.

There are various accessories available for the system from different coloured chains (to help identification) to replacement weight (chain stretchers) to Metal chains (for use with Heavy loads such as Vinyl Background/Backdrop Rolls).
Ceiling Mounted Background/Backdrop
Colorama Rolleasy The Colorama Rolleasy is an exceptionally robust, hassle free professional studio background support system. It will fully support a 3.55m (12ft) wide roll without the roll bowing over time. The system uses a detachable crank to smoothly raise and lower each background which is then automatically locked in position. Suitable for use with Paper / Canvas & Vinyl Background / Backdrop Rolls, muslin curtains cannot be used as they tend to "crinkle" in the middle. With the Colorama Rolleasy there are no obstructions within the shooting area, no chains or free swinging parts.

Ceiling brackets hold up to four 3.55m (12ft) rolls and seven 2.72m (9ft) rolls
Wall brackets hold up to three 3.55m (12ft) rolls and five 2.72m (9ft) rolls
Can support a combination of 2.72m (9ft) and 3.55m (12ft) rolls on one system
The system is expandable as supplementary units can be installed at any time to increase the number of rollers
Available as complete kits or as separate components to create a customised system
Rolleasy kits include the appropriate number of the invaluable Coloredge devices
Semi Fixed

Interfit Autopole Set 

Generally, Semi Fixed Background / Backdrop Supports consist of a pair of semi-permanent fitting Autopoles that extend between the Floor & Ceiling, to these are then added various accessories that allow either a Background/Backdrop Roll to be suspended or a cross pole for the support of a Studio Background / Backdrop curtain.



This is the area with the most amount of variation in terms of products, features and sizes. 

These Background / Backdrop supports generally come in 4 widths - up to 2.6m, up to 3m, up to 4m and up to 6m.  This is to accommodate the different widths of Background / Backdrops available with the stands becoming stronger and sturdier the wider they become, cost increasing as they get larger.

The next variation is the cross pole - telescopic or sectional.  The cheaper Background Support Cross Poles tend to be made from 3 or 4 sections that are then bolted together (limiting the choice of widths available to use  - 1/2 & full pole size) each time the support is needed for use.  Telescopic, as the name implies, can be easily extended to their full length or shorter (if space is limited) in one easy manoeuvre.

Further variations then include Paper Brakes (that stop paper & vinyl rolls unrolling) to chain controls to allow easy vertical placement of the paper rolls.
Background Baby Hooks
Bespoke Background / Backdrop Supports can be made from choosing components mentioned above and including them with other standard Studio products.  For example, a Ceiling Stand or wall plate can be combined with a cross pole to create a simple space saving background support - there are many other variations that can be built in this manner.
  Fixed Wall/Celing
Semi Fixed
Paper Rolls
Vinyl Rolls
Canvas Rolls
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