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Bowens Portrait Lighting Accessory Kit

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The Bowens ‘Portrait’ Kit focuses more on ‘Low Key’ style photography. As a rule low key images concentrate on
darker tones with few, if any high contrasting shadows. Low key style photographs by design are composed when the image is dominated by dark shadows and delicate or low lighting.
Low key subjects will always tend to be darker and models in low key style photographs will tend to be dressed in black or darker toned clothes with a dark, low lit background. Low key images will normally be used if the photographer is trying to portray a serious mood or create an atmosphere of mystery.

Portrait Kit Contents:
BW1665 60x80cm Softbox x 1
BW1863 60º Grid Reflector x 1
BW1864 Set of Grids (for BW1863) x 1
BW3225 80cm Reflector x 1
BW2560 Backlite Reflector x 1
BW2552 Gel Set for Backlite x 1
BW6600 Backlite Stand x 1

The Portrait kit is a three head set-up and includes everything a photographer needs for basic portrait lighting in a low key style. For the photo above the set-up that was used included a 500Ws head with a Grid Reflector as the main light which was attached to a boom arm and suspended above the models head. The Grid Reflector was used on the main light as it is a medium angled reflector and will not allow too much light to spill out or create intense shadows/highlights over the model or background.

For the fill light a 60 x 80cm Softbox was used (as this is a perfect shape and size for small portrait work) on a 250Ws head and placed to the left of the subject to fill the front of the model with a soft, evenly distributed light. To light the background a 250Ws head was used with a Background Reflector which has an elliptical shape which produces an oval pool of light which can be used to create a natural looking vignette over the background. As well as the three reflectors, an 80cm reflector disc was placed directly in front of the subject with the gold side facing up to bounce any lose light back onto the model to help achieve a warmer look to the image.

60 x 80cm Softbox
The Bowens 60 x 80cm Softbox features both an external and an internal diffuser. Both diffuser panels are removable to allow the photographer to choose between either a brighter or move diffused light output; also the rectangular shape of this softbox makes it great for portraiture work.
60º Grid Reflector
This medium-angle, pebble finish reflector has been
designed with a rolled rim and an indent to hold small 18cm
(7”) honeycombs. BW1863
Backlite Reflector
This reflector has an elliptical shape measuring 20 x 30.5cm
(8 x 12”) which produces an oval pool of light that can be
used to create a natural vignette over a background. Two
fitted spring clips allow colour gels to be fitted. BW2560
Set of Three Honeycombs
Designed for use with the grid reflector. This set of grids
comes in three sizes, 1/8” (3.175mm), 3/8” (9.525mm) and
1/4” (6.35mm); each hole size has an increasingly widerangle
spot of light. BW1864

80cm Reflector Disc
The 80cm reflector disc collapses down to 1/3 its size for easy storage and features both a gold and a silver side (for lighter tones). BW3225

Set of Gels for Backlite Reflector
Includes twelve various colours for heightened lighting
creativity. BW2552
Backlite Stand
Allows photographers to place their lights near to the floor,
includes removable extension. BW660

Bowens Portrait Lighting Accessory Kit
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