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upcoming products

Below are a list of our upcoming products which will be available very soon just make a note of the expected release date next to each product, or Pre-order them today to get them as soon as they are available


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  • Interfit Retangular Softbox (85cm x100cm)

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    Available Options:


    Rectangular Softbox

    85 x 110cm


    Interfit By Karlu Photographic 

    The new Interfit range of fifteen professional quality softboxes are manufactured from the very best materials.

    The internal rods are made from strong flexible carbon steel or duralumin, the fabrics are made from a specially treated polyester and ”heat resistant up to 400c / 752f”. The highly reflective silver base, produces an even edge to edge distribution of light. Air vents have been positioned on the top and bottom to allow air to circulate when in use.

    The boxes also feature Velcro on the outside edge to support Interfit Pro accessories such as masks etc.

    A strong webbing is in place to securely hold the rods in to place. The two layers of high quality diffusion are non fluorescent. With both diffusers in place a maximum light loss of only 1.2 f-stops is achieved. Four shapes of box are available with a range of sizes for each shape. The Interfit Pro Soft Box range is designed to fit onto the majority of studio flash units and each box is supplied with a choice from one of the thirteen speed rings and a soft case.

    When ordering, choose your speedring from the drop down list below.


    RSBR685 RSBR7510 RSBR8511 RSBR912 RSBR1014




    60 75 85 90 140


    85 100 110 120 200


    40 41 43 43 54




    24 30 33 35 55


    33 39 43 47 79


    16 16 17 17 21

    Weight Kg / lbs

    0.9 / 2.0 1.0 / 2.2 1.1 / 2.4 1.2/ 2.6 2.0 / 4.4



    Embossed polyester taffeta


    Front / Inner

    Non-Fluorescent Polyester with special high temperature coating


    flexible Carbon Steel

    Material Colour


    Outer: Black Inner Side: Silver


    Front / Inner

    White (Non-fluorescent)



    f-stop adjustment with both diffusers fitted

    -1 -1 -1.2 -1.2 -1.2

    Temperature Vent


    Thermal Resistance

    400 deg Centigrade / 752 deg Fahrenheit

    Accepts Barndoor


    Yes Yes No No
    Inner Diffuser Fastening Press Stud
    Carry Bag Yes

    ASA1000 - Bowens & Interfit Pro
    ASA1013 - Profoto
    ASA1012 - JTL
    ASA1011 - Novatron
    ASA1009 - Balcor
    ASA1008 - Elichrome
    ASA1007 - Hensel
    ASA1006 - Multiblitz (Profilux)
    ASA1005 - White Lightning
    ASA1004 - Photogenic
    ASA1003 - Speedotron
    ASA1002 - Broncolor
    ASA1010 - Interfit ColorFlash 150 - 300 Series Heads

    Interfit Retangular Softbox (85cm x100cm)
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