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  • Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (3ft)

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    Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (3ft)

    Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (3ft)


    Available in six sizes, ranging from 45cm to 2 x 2 x 2.1m, the Lastolite Cubelite is the ideal solution to achieving shadowless product photography allowing the photographer control over the lighting of product shots minimising shadows and isolating the subject from the background. Offering a true location studio the Cubelite pops-up instantly ready for use and collapses down to a third of its original size for storage and transport in its handy carry bag. Background clips are mounted in the top for added height, an open base means it can be used over immoveable objects such as plants and the front opens fully for wider viewing angles.

    • Ideal for product shots.
    • Shadowless lighting.
    • Perfect for digital or film use.
    • Isolates subject.
    • Collapses to a third of original size into tote bag.
    • Background clips mounted in the roof for additional height.
    • Open base for even floor surface, easier to fold, and enables positioning of cube over immovable items e.g. plants
    • Front opens to edge of Cubelite for wider viewing angles.


    Lastolite Cubelite 90cm (3ft)
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